Life List


See The Northern Lights

Accomplish Everything On Hildy’s List

Pretend To Be A Reindeer And Pull My Sisters Down A Hill On Christmas Eve

Roll Down Hill Screaming “As You Wish”

Andrea Bocelli Concert

Star In A Movie

Write Random People Notes & Stick Them Into Their Mailboxes

Pass Out Socks To Homeless In The Winter

Make Bath Bombs & Soap As Christmas Gifts

Take Family To A Jacky Cheung Concert, Completed February 2018

Caricature From Street Artist, Completed December 2017

Hunt For Wild Herbs & Mushrooms, Completed July 2018

Extract Honey From A Hive

24 Hours Without Sight

24 Hours Without Sound

Explore The Waters In A Personal Submarine

Hang Off A Tree Branch (Pocahontas), Completed September 2017

Make My Own Superhero Character & Costume

Attend Lantern Festival Singing “I See The Light” (Rapunzel)

Circus Trapeze: Completed May 2017

Attend Gala

Attend Fancy Ball

Fill A Room With Ballooons & Pop Them

Play Chess At A Chess Park

A Fight To The End: Diplomacy Double Date

Go On A Date As Someone Else (Mulan)

Play Old Computer Games With My Sisters

Wine-Making, Completed March 2018

Horse And Carriage Ride

Christmas Sleigh Ride

Take Random Flight At Airport

Experience Zero Gravity

Sleep In The Back Yard

Dress Up As BigFoot, Sleep On A Waterbed & Watch “A Goofy Movie”

See A Fortune Teller

Help Someone Else Do Something On Their Bucket List

Meditate Behind A Waterfall

Start A Paint Fight

Climb A Mountain, Completed November 2017

Go Zorbing

Fill A Wall With BlackLight Writing

Teach At MV For A Day

Break Into My Sister’s House & Leave A Puppy

Show Up To A Date In My Partner’s Clothes

Break Out Of Handcuffs (Legally)



Learn Magic

Attend Martial Arts Boarding School, Ongoing

Learn Hypnosis

Build A Robot

Invent A Board Game

Choreograph A Piece For Professional Dancers

Design My Own Clothes


Knife Throwing


Learn To Fence

Study Game Theory


Firearms License

Archery: Completed July 2018

Tell A Story Through Animated Film

Aerial Silks

For Me

Travel Solo

Infinity Mirrors In My House

Personalize Bookshelf: Personal & Learning & Fiction

Build A Stage At Home To Sing & Perform

Design & Build My Own House

My Child’s Footprints At House Entrance

Write Children’s Books With My Spouse For Our Kids

Own A Cute Little Shop Abroad

Live In A Temple For A Month Again

Buy Parents Vacation Package & Renovate The House

Six Pack

Live In A Cottage

Build Tree House In Back Yard

Perfect Skin

Write Another Book, Completed February 2019

Rewrite “Within Serenity Lies A Siren”

Produce Music

Perform Spoken Word

Publish A Picture Book With Hildy

Millionaire Before 30

Dress Up As A Disney Family For Halloween

Collect a Library Card From Every State

Family Nerf / Lazer Tag War At Home

Take Family To Waterfire, Completed August 2018

One Day

Start A Business, Completed May 2018

Buy A House For My Parents & Sisters

Camping With Tina Roth Eisenberg

Staring/No Laughing Contest With Tony Robbins

Drink On The Beach With Janne Robinson

24h Goal/Fear Setting With Tim Ferriss

Singing Lessons W/ Celine Dion

Travel With Natty Style

Spa Day With Bianca Sparacino

Acro-Yoga With Jessica Biel

Perform With Sarah Kay

Speak At A TED Conference

Give Motivational Speech At A University

Teach At A University