Freeing Your Highest Self


The Vision

When I was a child, I constantly asked myself what my mission was, what I wanted to leave the world with. I knew that a life of magic was the only way for me to live, and promised to bring together people with that spark in their eyes to build a space  of everyday magic. 

After so many years, I finally feel ready to pursue this project idea that I dreamed up as a child.  This project combines my loves in one place–magic, creation, expansion, potential, and alignment. 

If you’re like me, you often see your life as a story or movie, the people you surround yourself with as the characters. Imagine actually writing a story with other characters who are going through similar journeys as you. 

The Project

The purpose of this project is to dig into people’s potential–who they wish to become, their capacity once their potential is unlocked, and have them collectively reimagine a life where they are able to free their highest selves and achieve their mission. The difference is that this story isn’t just about one character. Each person is a character in the story, forcing the different characters to come together to tell the entire story. This isn’t just a story about the journey of personal growth and self-actualization, but also one about a group of individuals supporting each other and holding each other accountable to their collective potential, highest selves, and dreams.

My dream is to create a space for magical individuals to envision a life where everyone is able to free their highest selves to achieve the goals and life mission that set out to achieve. How does it work? The 5 different stages involves a series of projects I’ve created throughout the years…

Poetry (15).png

1. Who Pronounced You Dead, Deep spiritual healing through performing arts and dancing with your demons.

2. The Integrity Project, Reimagining who you want to be and your relationship with the world, and then painting the internal picture of that person.

3. Triple Alignment, Based on the Triple Alignment Model, we deep dive into the your mission, goals, and values, and align them to tell your unique story. 

4. Accountabilitea, This is a journey of character, friendship, and plot development, where individuals update each other on the progress of their goals and collectively decide on the development and narration of the story. 

5. Art & Creation, Once everyone achieves the goal they set out to achieve, we will partner with different artists and influencers to hare the story.

Our ultimate goal is to turn this project into a platform where people can find inspiration. Not just for the inspiration story of one person, but for a story of a group who helped each other expand and held each other accountable to who they want to become and what they want to create.  Imagine Netflix with movies based on real-life stories. 

Join Us

If you’re interested in joining our experimental pilot program, please fill out the application below. Deadline is September 1st. 

We’re looking for individuals:

  1. Experiencing a time of growth, change, and momentum
  2. Who believe in everyday magic
  3. Able to be in Boston for a monthly one-day retreat
  4. Able to make a weekly commitment of 3 hours