Freeing The Highest Self

Living a Life of Alignment

Hi, I’m Hillary, creator of the Triple Alignment Model.  The Triple Alignment Model is most known as a strategic & visualization tool designed to help organizations measure goal & team alignment, and fundamentally rethink the way we approach goal setting & team building. 

Outside of strategic design, I use this model to automate learning, content, my circle, and habits. In addition to running When Toys Age, I work with visionaries and executives to build alignment into their lives and free their highest selves. 

Throughout my life, I’ve designed countless activities to bring me closer to my highest self and take the action to create the impact I desire. 


A Glance At Hillary’s Projects

Please note that these are all projects I’ve created for myself at some point in life. 

Integrity Project

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During a tough time in my life, I assembled a collection of quotes that paint a picture of who I want to become. A year later, I still open the book every day to remind myself of who I strive to become, and to ensure that every action and decision aligns with that higher self.  Friends who I’ve shared this with have participated in the project as well, where we now hold each other accountable to our highest selves. This project is not only about integrity, but also about accountability, clarity, and community. 

You’ll have a digital and physical book that you carry around to remind yourself of who you strive to be. 

Circle Activity

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Organize your circle and surround yourself with like-minded individuals who help propel you forward. The Circle Activity begins with defining your values and which qualities you wish to embody. Following the activity, we’ll do an audit of who you spend your time with and how they align with who you want to be. Integrate your circle, and see you who need more of in your life and who you should be surrounding yourself with. 

Personalized Freeing Your Highest Self Journal

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Based on all the activities we do together, we’ll integrate and track mission, goals, values, habits, happiness…etc. with your own personalized productivity, highest self, all-in-one journal! Pretty cool, eh?

Many Other Cool Projects

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Expect to walk away with a database of resources to help you find clarity, direction, enlightenment, and alignment.  

Accountability & Network

We’ll check in weekly to track progress and meet biweekly for longer discussions and projects. Expect me to connect you with mentors and other accountability partners who share similar missions, goals, and values!

Want to learn more?

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I take immense pride in the value created with each person. In order to maximize my focus, I work almost exclusively on recommendations and requests from friends and mentors. That said, I’d love to meet and see where our missions, goals, and values align, and will also connect you with aligned individuals and groups!