Again It Starts

To you my heart has flown
To yours my bodyโ€™s fled
With yours my soulโ€™s been sewn
By the angelsโ€™ golden thread.

A simple glance youโ€™ve sent
Runs shivers down my spine
And everything dissolves
To where the stars align.

At night we close our eyes
To explore the vague abyss
Desires awoken inside
By a gentle midnight kiss.

Your chest rising and falling
Like a garden of musical notes
Your eyes calling and calling
To yours my body devotes.

A touch of love upon me
Ignites a vibrant hue
And the promises of your vision
Keep wide my eyes for you.

The thoughts of your hands nearing
The whispers of your breath
Eyes helplessly endearing
Brings resistance to its death.

Within your mouth a current
That forces my lips apart
The moment you hold still
Weโ€™re begging to restart.

You have my heart
The way it drops
The way it stops
The way it pops
And the way it starts