Seasons of You

Please donโ€™t ask me
Cause I wonโ€™t tell
How winter springs
And Summer fell.

But on October 11th
At the Topsfield fair.
Lived every season
Of every year.

The morning of spring
A colorful spectrum
Silent whisperings
โ€œWelcome! Welcome!โ€

As the noon of all seasons,
The Legacy invites
A spirit of summer
To astounding heights.

An evening of Autumn
Still falling hard
A kiss goodnight
As our warmest regard.

At 4am
A winterโ€™s time
Iโ€™ll make you mine.

Every color of autumn leaves
Links your Heaven to my trees
With every pattern of winter flakes
You decorate my breeze.

And every flower of every spring
Every beam of all the summers
At the heart of midnight, still blossoming
Holds in its core, the greatest wonders.

However summer falls or winter springs
You can find me at the beat of your heart
And you, in the very heart of my beat.