A Forever Gained

Thank you for my today
And all of my tomorrows
The rawest of your passions
Truest of your sorrows.

Tell me the broken stories
The deepest of your thoughts
Your mosaic of hopes and dreams
The battles that you forgot.

You can go on for a lifetime
I really wouldn’t mind.
About what keeps you up at night
The delightful and unkind.

And in the life after this one
I shall share with you my tale
Of a mountain and an ocean
Who let their love prevail.

One story after another
We shall alternate
One lifetime after another
Who will narrate.

Thank you, babe,
For the voice at the end of the night
Saying I’ll love you more tomorrow.

Thank you even more
For the morning of every tomorrow
For choosing us as your today.

I swear there are horizons
Longing to be discovered
Let us find them one by one.
I promise there are universes
Begging to be uncovered
The journey’s just begun.

And when it all downpours
I’ll join you in the rain.
Take my hand
And we’ll keep walking
And we’ll call it a forever gained.