Vibrantly, Eternally.

The Eternal Strategist
And the Vibrant Dreamer
Summoned by fate
Eight months prior.

Revisited afresh
That Wishing Well
To conjure the elation from which
They fell.

A tender glide
Of wild breeze
Exploded two souls
A million degrees.

The universe on their shoulders
Lifting and soaring
Like every moment
Of Christmas morning.

His eyes in hers
A heart of gold
Lived the faraway galaxy
They’d soon unfold.

One moment in time
All stars aligned
A universe dissolved
Two souls intertwined.

An upward smile
An inward glance
They drifted within
The other’s trance.

A vibration of love
A luminescence
Beyond frequencies
Of quintessence.

Secrets unraveled
Demons pardoned
All was felt
Devotion yet hardened.

Within love’s chrysalis their galaxies collide
Vibrantly and eternally unified.