My Low Budget High Spirit

When indecision
Becomes your friend
Allow your heart
A gentle cleanse.

Blushing with color 
Her sunset sky
Colors the velvet
A sweet goodnight. 

Just remember that
Those who love you
Love themselves 
The same way 
Those who reject you
Reject themselves 
The same way, and
Those who expand you
Bathe in stardust

So take your time
Breathe in whole
Yield to seductions
Of your soul.

Paint your spirit
With songs old and new
And inhale the oceanโ€™s
Calming wild blue.

Sprinkle all worries 
Over the sand
And let the ocean
Wave you her hand. 

Laugh about forever
What fiction sublime!
Cause we live but one
Half breath a time. 

Breed lasting forevers
Lifetimes in days
And release infinity
In memories erased.

An epic novel
This year shall be written
The past but a page 
Of memories forgiven. 

Hell, tear the chapters
Awaken explosions!
Perhaps then we can live
In short stories and poems. 

Free all lives unlived
And spirits untamed
For universes reborn
Are stories unclaimed.

Lift free your soul
To adventure again
Discard your notepad
But uncap your pen. 

Feel peace in the wild
Eternally rising
May true love find you
Just as you're hiding.

Donโ€™t run from emotions
Charge toward them all
Your arms might crumble
But so will your walls.  

Please, save your soul
Tremble, my dear,
Not in shame
Tremble in glorious, 
Wild, epic
For all that awaits
Cause what are we
But creatures
Dipped in heart
Drenched in soul
Drowned in love
Starving for one
Moment's enchantment 
Tremble, my dear,
Because you are home
To a wild, glorious, epic soul. 

Let every soul 
You touch expand
And all that seems lost
Shall return again. 

Yes I blush and I tremble and I fall and I run
May the low budget to my high spirit be
How all short stories and poemsโ€™ve begun.