An Ancient Obsession

This may seem gibberish right now, but I think I’m in a tragedy. And it’s a tragedy my mind is writing for my life. I’m trying so hard to change it. I’m trying. Thing is: my mind’s a genius. And I’m it’s obsession.

His words fell so softly onto the side of her ear and eased their way gently into whatever was left in her. And she no longer needed a glass of wine to hold his words dearly.

“I’m never going to settle am I? I’m never going to get that fairytale ending, am I?”

The lids closed softy over her wandering pupils and her head swayed in swirling motions the rhythm of his silence. 

“Sometimes I wonder how I got to where I am today. I guess this chapter is about how much can happen to a stagnant life. It’s about how much of life I can feel by doing nothing. How much I can stand myself when I’m not moving. No stable income, no relationship, no emotional outlet but myself—see where it takes me.”