What’s Your Energetic Story?

True happiness, they say, is a deep harmonious inner satisfaction.

We are our own microcosmic Universes. We radiate our own unique energy signature. So choose your colors, choose your frequency, and please choose wisely!

This morning I jumped out of bed, threw my hands in the air, and screamed “I am my own rainbow of colors. My own kaleidoscope of magnetism. I am a weirdo! And I am absolutely ready to awesome all over the day!” I’m not kidding.

Our energetic story is composed of our thoughts and feelings, our emotions, ideas and beliefs about the world, and how we fit into the universe around us. Here, we’re constantly pushing and pulling things into our lives, interacting with life around us and absorbing what we allow ourselves to touch and feel. 

Understand what’s feeding your spirit and what’s depleting it.

It’s crucial to discover what makes your soul sing. Find your rhythm with the Universe. Follow the colors and dive into the sea of the creative unknown. You’ll find that you will begin to feed your spirit, rather than your fear. Build your own rainbow one day at a time, one moment at a time. This is not an act but a way of life. 

In living our daily lives, energetic toxins can accumulate if we don’t detoxify. Energies are live forces that paint the pictures of our aura. We want to welcome the colors that add to our vibrancy and vitality, and cleanse the negative energy that may whirl around us, clouding the air around our rainbow. Clean your paintbrush, and clean off your pallet. Let’s not paint the masterpiece of life with a dirty paintbrush. 

In our lives there may emerge situations where we feel we cannot cleanse the paintbrush completely, especially under time constraints. When that happens, reflect back on those Kindergarten painting lessons. Take a step back, examine your painting, and neutralize your colors. Or better yet, create a new color and make magic!

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”

Well spiritual hygiene is no different. Cleanse daily and live by the moment. If you can’t avoid negative energy, shift to a higher vibration and neutralize it. Ground and center yourself in moments of chaos. Wrap your arms around a tree, and let it ground you. Visualize yourself rooting into the ground like a tree, and extend those branches into the sky. It’s important to remember that this may take time. Be patient and always believe in your soul.

Everything is an out picturing of your inner world. 

As mentioned, you may choose to amplify energies or counterbalance them. The point is—raise your vibration and vitality, and do your part in raising the frequency of the atmosphere around you. Like frequencies of a radio, whatever rate you vibrate at allows you to tap into anything at that frequency. So vibrate high and low, above and below. Shake it off. Shimmy into it. Vibrate voraciously! 

So what is your story? What colors do you emit, and at what frequency do you release your energy? What’s at your core? If it’s life, then exhale it. If it’s love, then exhale it. If it’s magic, then EXHALE MAGIC.     

Thought as your most powerful tool

Thought is the single most powerful form of energy in existence. It is the impetus of creation and destruction. And movement and space are but ascensions of ourselves highlighting progression and forecasting direction.

Thought is the single most miraculous tool man can have. The truth is that reality is an illusion.  One’s reality is merely a collection of your awareness projected from your inner state of being. So invest in your thoughts, and invest in your inner happiness. Use thought as a currency and you will buy things you never thought you could have.

 “When the complete density of a particular dimension is filled there is no other option than to evolve into a higher dimension. Each dimension offers unimaginable attributes that when perceived from a lower dimensional perspective does not seem possible. The only way these attributes of a higher dimensional existence could be consciously understood and accepted, is to experience them. The approach to this unknown existence is received with fear and chaos when there is no trust in your Soul.”

Claim your rainbow, your own energetic space. Activate the magnetism. Exhale magic. Carry magic dust with you and leave of trail of magic wherever you go. Believe in your magic.

I remember reading a blog post many years ago and taking these notes down.  Haven’t been able to find that post again, but to whoever wrote that post, you’ve done so much for my life. This post is to transfer your wisdom and inspiration. Thank you.