When Pixie Turns To Dust

I once sprinkled a pixie
With wanderlust
And watched as her kingdom
Collapsed into dust. 

Every once upon a time
I still catch a glimpse
Of the pixie who now lives
Between love’s blinks.

Don’t look away!
Cause I might forget
Oh please hold still
Don’t blink just yet.

Where are you, pixie,
How far have you traveled?
You must be exhausted
From the lives left unbattled.

To where are you running? 
You must be terrified.
Is that why you disappear
At the blink of his eye?

I wanted to fall
You wanted to fly
Star crossed my Cancer
To your Gemini. 

A vacation to Earth
From home I depart
I still my thoughts
To hear your heart.

Take a little, I’d say
Of my heart tonight
And some dust too
I really don’t mind. 

I gave you my voice
And surrendered all fear
Now in my silence
You’re begging to hear.

You say I laugh
As if I’ve never known
So I deserted my Kingdom
Left open my throne

Anything for you
The universe I’d bend
And slowly forgotten
Was my old pixie friend.

Still you wanted more
Cause I wasn’t enough
And that’s when Pixie
Turned into dust.

I lost myself to
The crowd in your eyes
And what took my place
Turned our hearts blind.

When your face said more
About me than mine
Behind your eyes
I was forced to resign.

How did this all happen,
Where are my wings?
Why are they caught in
Between your blinks?

I wanted to fall
You wanted to fly
And now we watch our
Reversed roles collide

A heart filled with dust
You can’t really love me
Cause how could anyone
Love a Pixie? 

I wish I could sprinkle
Some magic upon us
But the only dust I collect
Flies free of trust. 

And each time you blink
My arms will spread
I lose a little magic, and
Your eyes fill with dread.

Don’t look away!
Cause we might forget
Oh please hold still
Don’t blink just yet.