On more perspective moments

On more perspective moments

I was recently interviewed on a podcast about creative flow and overcoming burn out, and I must admit, I do some pretty funky stuff to keep my creative juices flowing. My ex used to call them “Hillaryisms.”

And one of them is hanging upside down. Not only does it help stretch my back in the morning, but it also helps me broaden my perspective of the world. You can do it on a yoga trapeze set (which I HIGHLY recommend) or just on a tree branch or local playground monkey bars (depending on how harmless you appear). I’ll occasionally “hang” at a local playground on my way to work, and have gathered quite an audience of little humans who will clap for me with their grandparents’ help. It’s one of my happiest moments everyday.

In this life, one of the greatest things you can do for yourself and for the world is to broaden your perspective. If you’re feeling stuck, hang upside down, stand on a desk, sleep in the kitchen. Sure, it’s a little funky. But hell, why not?!

How can you add more “perspective moments” into your everyday routine?